Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit

So, I set out this morning before work (7:45am) to see if there would really be lines for the new Wii Fit. I have been reading a lot about the new game and have always been interested in the Wii. I started with the Nintendo store at Rockefeller Center and sure enough, there were about 30 people in line. Then to Best Buy on 5th Ave where about 7 people were in line and then to Circuit City which is next door to Best Buy, only to find one guy.

I watched a demonstration yesterday and was intrigued. What interests me in the Wii, is that it is interactive, no more sitting on the couch and using your hands, this really lets you be involved and gets you up and moving. I'm not a fan of video games but the Wii may have won me over. Should I buy????

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