Friday, June 13, 2008

Subway Experience

Yesterday, I had a wonderful F train experience. While at West 4th street, the conductor said that there were switch signal problems at Jay Street and that we would be going on the B/D track into Brooklyn. They didn't say when things would be fixed, didn't say to get off and get next F, nothing! So, I decided to screw the F, as it had been horrendous all week and just take the B/D to Pacific/Atlantic and then transfer to R to Prospect and 4th Avenue. Needless to say my trip was fine and I got home with plenty of time to spare for the Isaac Hayes concert in Prospect Park but I am so tired of the NYC subway problems. They keep raising the fares and I don't see a thing upgraded.

Well, one bonus came out of this new route, as I found another Vote sticker on the entrance to Prospect Expy Entrance on 17th Street

so I guess not all is lost...

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