Monday, October 6, 2008

Atlantic Avenue Street Festival

This weekend was the annual Atlantic Antic Street Festival on Atlantic Avenue. I have never been but I heard good things. Well, we were not disappointed. This is definately the best street festival in NYC. The food was delicious, the vendors were not the same sock, sunglasses guys you see at all of them. Sahadi's was out there selling their great food, all the desert places were out there and lets just say you couldn't go ten feet without a kids t-shirt stand. Not having kids, I felt a little out of place but it was a blast. If you haven't been, don't miss out next year. After all the food we ate, we even managed to get in a 4.5mile walk...




This little girl was manning the cash register when we walked by, she couldn't be more than ten yet between the register and her facial expressions I could of sworn she was over 20.

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